Fresh Prints Series – questions of identity

This is a quick wrap up on the Fresh Prints series.

The final piece to the project was the Franz Phresh bread loaf. The floating bread was way to big to scan or get access to. So I took a series of photos and just model off of that.

This is the floating bread for all the people that have no idea what i’m talking about. They were also my reference photos.

wp-1462126016906.jpg wp-1462126014787.jpg wp-1462126015500.jpg wp-1462126016184.jpg


I was a bit in of a rush finishing these pieces so my documentation is lacking a bit. Here is the Stag and the Bread fresh off the printer. You might notice I chose to print the antlers separately, so that I could get a better finish at the end.



To get them ready for the metal leafing process I friction welding on a bael that mimicked the chain style.


After I finished that I used metal leaf on them for their final finish.  I really really enjoy how they came out.


wp-1462126021181.jpg wp-1462126021900.jpg wp-1462126022616.jpg wp-1462126023368.jpg

Here they are for the final install for the Seventh Year Sightline.


You might be wondering where this project came from. Well it was prompted by a fellow cohort who suggested that our products for the 7th year sightline be bison themed. I really liked this idea but took it a step further and thought about my surroundings.  One major thing I have been thinking about a lot this year is my identity.  It has always been something I have struggled with which I suppose is not that unusual.  With that I told myself to finally take pride in the place I was working in; it won’t be long until you are gone and these moments will just be nothing but memories.  I wanted to be proud of my neighborhood the place that was influencing me. I used one of my other great interests and that is Hip Hop. I used the style of Hip Hop jewelry in alignment with ideas of using it as taking ownership of one’s space and identity.

This…for me makes the project problematic. I am a white dude making jewelry that references black culture. I was/am afraid that what I am doing in cultural appropriation. I hope this is not the case but is recognized as cultural appreciation. I justify myself by having grown up with Hip Hop, it has always been apart of my life and I have a hard time saying that it’s not my culture.  Maybe I am wrong in this, if I am I would love to know.

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