Stag Swag

This is the second part of my Fresh Prints project. The stag, which is on the corner of the building across the street from the bison and this one was pretty brutal…the scans did not come out very well. So there was a lot of surgery and stitching to bring it back together. Once again I brought them into rhino to pick, slice, and position the scans so I could clean them up in Zbrush.

One of the scans from Skanect:

Each one of the scans that I took and assembled together:

This is a shot of me stiching the broken spaces together with mesh planes:

This is what the stag looked like when I brought it right into zbrush and remeshed it all:


This is the final version of the Stag ready for printing!

I bet you’re like, Where are the antlers?! I am modeling them separately and will glue them onto the print later so that I will have more successful and cleaner print.

I will have more updates later!

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