Bison bling!

For one of my classes we were given an assignment in which we would have to participate in one of four options. One of them being part of Design Week in Portland.

AC+D is hosting a show called 7 year sight line due to this being the program’s 7th year. This one sounded to be the most interesting to be a part of. My friend suggested we should do it bison themed because of the space our studio is in. Which is called the Bison Building due to there being a wooden sculpture of a bison on each of the four corners of the building.

You guessed it! I’m scanning one of those suckers and going to make some sweet bling! Seeing as it’s rather high up and I only had a ladder I couldn’t get the greatest scan. So I am aligning and stitching the mesh back together by hand. From the rough form I will get in Rhino I plan on taking it into Zbrush to do cleanup work and detailing. Here is some I progress shots of what I have so far….


This is the 3 scans I was able to get. I cut them up saving the best features from each mesh. I then positioned them all together which left some big gaps from missing information and inconsistencies in the alignment.


To patch them I quickly drew some lines connecting the vertexes across from them. I really don’t care how well they are positioned. I just need a mesh there for now.



I lofted all the curves and was left with this. It looks pretty rough but I plan on bringing it into Zbrush allowing me to clean this mesh up.


I haven’t worked much on it yet but it is cleaning up nicely.

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