New Laser Tube…New upgrades.

I recently killed my first laser tube! It was bound to happen it is the major expendable product of a laser. I am super cheap, generally because money is tight. I found a website ( in which sells my wattage of tube at a way cheaper price. The only issue is the tubes are  about a foot longer than my old tube.

I have about zero fears in modifying my tools.  So I cut a hole in the side and welding on a new enclosure. It for sure isn’t pretty but it does the job! Once again it is all made from scraps found in our metals shop.

I have one major concern at the moment, the tube might sit slightly higher than my mirrors can handle. If that is the case I am going to completely remake the entire case and move all the parts into my case.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. This might be the perfect time to create a mid-size open source laser cutter. I have found some amazing open source laser programs lately; might be the best time to try those out too!

If that happens there will be some photos and video updates!




I measured based off of the two lengths of square stock. Then I wanted to just bend it into a box that I could tack weld around the frame.




I needed to create a hinged door so that I can access the tube and properly seat it. I used some weldable hinges. They are super overkill but I had them laying around.



Not shown in photos but in the final video; I had to cut out part of the frame so I could smoothly put the tube in place.








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