Grad School & A new Blog format.

Grad school start this week! I am pretty pumped up to start up this program. My program kicks off with a 10 day intensive called the Design Build. We as a cohort get tossed into a problem and have to design and build (didn’t see that coming did you?) in which we have to improve someone’s life. They are a generally a group that would not have the opportunity to have access to a group with our skill set. This year we are helping a group of refugees with a garden they use to sustain their community.  The video goes into a bit more detail about the project.

Check out the video here!

New Blog format! I plan on mixing things up on my Blog by Vlogging the next two years of my life. Exciting right? I agree! So those will be quick videos of what I am working on from a day-to-day basis. I want to do this for two reasons; one being I want to document my process in a more detailed way than my current blog does, two being that I think it will be way more enjoyable to watch a video of what I am doing than me rambling on my blog. That will start real soon! Also make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel! I won’t always post the videos on this blog!

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