Maker in Residence #1

I started a residence at the Be A Maker space in the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. I will be making a 800mm^3 3D printer.  During the process I plan on making blog posts with some of my progress to keep everyone up to date on how it’s coming. I am in my second day and I already am making some good head way with modeling and printing parts. I only have little over a week to finish it all and get it up and running. *fingers crossed*

So far I have modeled and printed out the Z-axis mounting brackets. I have yet to get them mounted as I am waiting for hardware to ship in, hopefully they are modeled without having to make too many revisions. I also started modeling the housing unit for the extruder I am making. This is going to be used to attach it to the X/Y axis rail system. I added a video showing how I generate my gcode using Cura as well as a time lapse of me modeling out the extruder housing. There is still work to be done on the housing but I can’t work that out until a part finishes printing. Hopefully I will have that all sorted out tomorrow!

It’s best to watch this one full screen:

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