Post graduation portfolio project!

It has come time for me to start applying to Grad schools. It would be a giant lie to say that I am not unbelievably nervous, stressed, scared, proud, and hopeful to get into a school. If you would have asked me early in my collegiate career I would have scoffed at you. Now here I am putting myself  through the uncomfortable feeling of hoping that the schools applied to will be so willing to have me.  Don’t get me wrong I am more hopeful and excited than anything else but the feels are here none the less.

On to the actual point of this post. I have been slowly working on a new project, one that ties together everything I have been playing with since my graduation. I am excited where I have gotten to so far  from the stumblings of my senior project. As of today starts full fabrication of the new project and which I am sure you are waiting to hear what it actually is but that is not for now! It will be about digital fabrication meeting metalsmithing, if you have been paying attention to my side business  Delandtree you might have a guess as to what my project will entail.

As for Delandtree…I will be shutting it down for a few months. I want to put as much focus as I can into this project as I consider it to be a pivotal moment in my making.  So if you want Delandtree gifts…You will have to wait til last minute.  🙂

So expect more regular blog updates about the project as it comes along. Stay Tuned!

okay,  here is a tiny snippet.

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