I have always been fascinated by Kitsugi, the art of repairing broken ceramic objects with gold lacquer. The process brings together a few of my interests Ceramics, repair/repurpose, and metals! I wanted to explore the process or at least explore the idea of using a compound to create a bond to repair an object and restore its use. I wanted to use a technique that I have been developing and honing in a bit more. You guessed it, Electroforming!

I started playing with the idea with two tourmaline stones I had. They are two black tourmaline and one with a bit of color at the top. They were too small to use in my normal practice and would have gone into my pile of stones/gems/minerals that I am unsure of what to do with. Then the idea dawned upon me that I could use the idea of Kintsugi to create a new hybrid stone!

As of right now I don’t plan on taking this investigation past this stone, it is something I hope to explore further on but I have other projects that have priority which I will be writing about in the next few months. (I am pretty excited about this one.)  Here are a few pictures of the stone that I fixed, I am personally in love with it. I often get attached to objects when they are the first thing that came from a process I tired, it will most likely never leave my bench and serve as a reminder to the idea.

2014-10-05 12.07.43 2014-10-05 12.07.50 2014-10-05 15.51.54 2014-10-06 10.28.40 2014-10-06 10.28.55 2014-10-06 10.29.00 2014-10-06 10.29.45 2014-10-06 10.30.02 2014-10-06 10.30.16

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