Maker Faire Milwaukee

Maker Faire Milwaukee was this past weekend and it was fabulous! I was demoing electroforming 3D prints and selling some of my Delandtree jewelry. It was a fantastic turnout around 26,000 people came to the State Fair Expo to see all of the different makers.  It was really amazing experience showing people how to grow copper over plastic. It was awesome seeing peoples faces when they realized how it worked. I was super amped to share this information with so many excited visitors, it really reaffirmed my desire to get my masters so I can start teaching. I ended up losing my voice talking to so many people my guess is over 700, but it was so worth the experience. I talked with a few 3D printer enthusiasts and they suggested using a carbon or graphite infused ABS filament. Which I found out about a week ago about this filament so I am pretty excited to try that out.

Aside from my booth the DCRL had a booth as well as the E-Nable project both of which are doing amazing things.  E-nable is a 3D protectics project that is helping kids everywhere to be able to afford having a prosthesis. I would highly recommend checking them out. The DCRL is participating in the project by helping out printing parts for local children.  Check out Frankie Flood’s Blog for all the details!

I never really got a chance to walk around and see all the booths or take pictures sadly. Check out Maker Faire Milwaukee’s Facebook page for some of the photos from the event.

I have a few photos of the projects I was working on during the event as well as my set up. I also snagged a few from my girl friends grandmothers facebook.

10245485_394750674011037_182703740115926862_n 10411886_394750720677699_7392721374135274755_n 10660379_394412724044832_6657322446460046175_n 10690227_394412747378163_7632022882505216623_n 10710694_394750634011041_1046845256362245402_n 10711036_394750707344367_4988661248963475633_n 1972296_510819699055418_2958125910009044868_n 10155194_510819792388742_2039032787285703085_n 10348442_510819839055404_1240903462534855527_n 10421498_510819815722073_2514303526710508248_n 10703560_510819739055414_4594582828361635888_n

I also worked on my friend Chad’s 3D print of a skull ring that was originally casted and then he scanned and printed it. He had a few with him while he was working over at the DCRL booth.  Here are a few photos of the ring as I plated and finished it. I think it turned out pretty neat! I tried out a finishing technique on it that I was remind of by a fellow Jeweler from White Water in which she suggested burnishing the surface.

IMG_20140929_134724 IMG_20140929_134737

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam
This last photo Chad just sent me. It is of the original silver ring, then a 3D print and then one of the rings I electroformed for him.

2 thoughts on “Maker Faire Milwaukee

  1. I found your electroforming project hunting around on the web and I am interested in what you used to make your conductive paint.
    I have made conductive paint but am not happy with it really.

    Can you tell me more about you paint?

    Thank you. Your project and art looks great

    1. Hello JB,

      So my ‘paint’ is really dependent on being painted on ABS plastic. It is just powdered graphite, I use artist grade it is suppose to very small particles this way, mixed with acetone. It just a slight amount of acetone to saturate the graphite, a little bit thinner than honey. Then I paint it on the ABS plastic, the acetone then bonds the graphite to the surface of the plastic. I have been experimenting with Copper powder/graphite/ABS/acetone mixture all together to create a better paint. So far it has been hit and miss and I normally revert back to the straight acetone and graphite. If you have more questions feel free to ask!

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