Salt water etching demo.




I had my saltwater etching demo this past saturday. All and all it was a great experience and I am glad I did it!  Although, it did teach me a few things about how to present this information to a younger crowd. Most of the children, aged 6-10,  that came in just wanted to color on the metal and then hope it would just come out of the etching process in a matter of a minute. It was really difficult to keep them managed and interested in what was happening.  I eventually had to tell them to go play for a while and come back for their keychain and even then it wouldn’t etch fast enough for them. I was pretty excited though that I managed to get the parents really interested in the fact that they could do this activity at home without worry of working with some caustic chemicals or special equipment. In the end though this project really made me want to continue forth with my education so that I can teach an older crowd.  I personally get too excited by the process that I nerd out of the kids and lose them completely.  Oh well! Overall it was fun and I hope someone learned something from me.









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