Wax on Wax off

So I finally got my wax in!! I started to prep it by cutting it down to size with something that I am able to mill.

I will be doing the actual milling tomorrow so I will have a bigger update then.

As for now here are some photos on how I received the wax and some process shots of me cutting it down.

Setting up the jig to be 6 in from the blade.

2013-11-06 12.12.12

Cut the 12 x 12 block down

2013-11-06 12.16.01

2013-11-06 12.20.00

Then I re-sawed the wax so that its thickness would only be .7 in

2013-11-06 12.24.18

2013-11-06 12.26.16

There we have it. 6 x 7 x .7 in useable wax!

2013-11-06 12.28.05

2013-11-06 12.28.14

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