Arduino, LEDs, Servos, Oh my!

I have started to get into the nitty gritty of the programming aspect of my project.

If you do not know what an arduino is you should scoot on over to this page. Simply they are opensource programmable electronics to be able to control LEDs motors and whosits and shazbots. This is the first project were I got to do all the electronic, programing, wiring, etc. I am super excited.

So far I started out with just having a push button activate my servo to a certain degree. To much of my effort it failed, I was having some issues with uploading the code to the arduino itself. I am not sure if that is the reason it is failing. Luckily, I share a studio with a arduino wizard and he is willing to help my troubleshoot this beast.

I don’t have any videos of photos yet due to the fact that it was just a pile of failure this past week. Have no fear though, there will be photos and videos soon of a blinking led and a servo doing very unexciting things.

I have yet to mill out my wax due to my hesitation on cutting it down and the fact that it has been a busy week in general. This weekend I hope to make some headway on this though.

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