I have finally have solidified upon an idea for my first piece to my BFA thesis. I am not going to go to much into what it will look like in this post. From here on out I have decided to keep what my piece will look like a ‘secret’ to a certain extent until its completion.

The reason I chose to do this, is so that when the viewer is finally introduced to the objects it will be with fresh eyes. I want that to be the moment when they are fully introduced to be when the story is created. If I let you see it throughout the process I am afraid a certain bias will start to form and it might change the meaning.

I will be uploading cropped in-process shots though. So, I am sure you will start to get influenced to a certain extent. However, you will never be able to see the whole image and most likely it will be of the same area. So with that being said and the title of this post being “Mayans,” I am sure you have figured out I have chosen the ancient Mayans as my influence. How exciting!

Stay tuned!

This is all you get for the sneak peek of the Rhino model. This is basically the only angle you will get to see from now on.


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