Taig CNC Mill

Huzuh! My mill is finally up and running and 100% functional! I wish I could take full credit for getting it all up and working, but I had Frankie stopped by and help me get Mach 3 working and loading the configuration files.

This is probably the biggest tease in my life currently and has been for awhile. All the parts for it arrived in 3 boxes and stared at me and taunted me. I could hear it whisper to me as I slept…”Why won’t you use me…make things with me…OOOooOoOoOO.” Obviously said in a scary ghost voice.

Luckily, It is fully assembled, motors work, Mach3 is all ready to receive gcode. Yet, it still must rest quietly upon its desk until next week sometime when I get a chance to try some operations on it. Talk about unbearable, I am like a 6 year old whose toy has been put on the top shelf so I can’t get at it.

Regardless, I did have fun assembling it; I was able to better understand how the machine operates. These machines are simple but can make some complex things, it is beautiful in a way.

Here are some photos and some explanations of the assembly process.

This is the Z axis laying on its side before getting attached to the base.
2013-09-25 17.14.50

2013-09-25 17.18.27

Motors on the X and Y attached. At this point the spindle motor is still unattached because I did not want to add that untill it was moved to its own table.
2013-09-25 18.02.05

This is a little knob that gets placed on the back of the motor to allow for some manual control. I found out these were intended for a smaller motor, from what Frankie told me the motors used to be a bit smaller.
2013-09-25 18.02.23

I ended up drilling them all out to fit on the new larger motors. Not really an issue thanks to the handy dandy drill press.
2013-09-25 18.03.18

Close up shot of the motor before it is attached to the lead screw mount. Those little tubes are used as spacers and to help it pin into the mount.
2013-09-25 18.23.59

Full shot with all the motors attached minus the spindle motor.
2013-09-25 18.32.18

The 4th(A) axis this allows for almost full round milling operations. I am beyond excited to try this out. The mills we have at school are only 3 axis.

2013-09-28 14.00.55

Close up of the 4th axis.
2013-09-28 14.01.12

The mill is moved onto its new table that Bryan and I secured to the wall. The mill is bolted to the table as well to secure it up as much as possible.
As you can see the spindle motor is now attached as well.
2013-10-01 17.42.03

The whole set up, Bryan mounted a monitor on the back wall so that it would be out of the way and we could still have the computer interface right by the mill.
2013-10-01 19.39.09

That is a gutted Dell Optiplex. I ripped it apart and took out any unnecessary PCI cards and took it out of its case.

We plan on building a full enclosure around the bottom to keep and oil/dust/swarf and any other potentially harmful items that could get onto it.
2013-10-01 19.39.46

In this video I am controlling my mill via the keyboard. This allows me to move the X,Y,Z,A in both the positive and negative direction. Near the end of the video I wanted to see how much effort it would take the mill to crush the pencil. The answer is very little.

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