Trying to figure this all out.

So at this point I am still really unsure of where I want to take this. I have had tons of suggestions of artist, stories, myths and tons of other information from people. I have gotten ideas that I would love to do but is not capable to be done in a 2 month time frame. Sadly, it just won’t work out.

I have been starting to break down what all the myths and stories that I am most drawn to have in common. In most of the stories its this overlapping theme of fear. Fear of the unknown to be more specific, which is very interesting to me, to be captivated by the idea of fear. The stories were told to control and maintain certain values in the culture.

One story for example is of the Wendigo. It is a demonic creature that came from the Algonquian tribes, that eats the flesh of humans. The story was told to prevent people from getting too greedy and becoming cannibals. This set a fear in the people to make them work hard but to further the whole village/tribe.

So how do I bring that concept into modern terms? How do I conceptualize the overall idea of fear to control in todays terms with object? What the heck are the objects going to be? What is the story? What am I trying to convey…

So many questions and very little time to give them an answer but it shall be a fun challenge nonetheless.

I have some ideas but I would like to keep this somewhat of a mystery for everyone. I will keep posting about it but I most likly am not going to spoon feed any ideas out.

Below are some slides from my presentation and a little write up on each artist and what drew them to me.

(note if they do not show up make sure your adblocking software is off if you use it and then click refresh)

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