Lasers and Stuff!

WooHoo! So I recently purchased a Fullspectrum Laser. One of the main reasons I went with a Fullspectrum is that its a laser that was affordable and could do all the processes that I needed it to.

After reading many reviews about this particular model, there was tons of bad reviews of receiving damaged products. Some of the damaged goods people mentioned was broken laser tubes, bent frames, misaligned beams, bent laser track, and other various comments along those lines.

None of those where major concerns to me, mainly because I knew I could fix it or make the modification needed to get it up and running. Luckily to my surprise there was zero damage to the laser minus a small dent.

The laser also has a cozy new place to call home! I recently moved into Bryan Cera’s studio. Bryan is pretty much a god when it comes to electronics. I am super pumped to get to share his space and learn more about how he creates his awesome work. Also, Bryan has some photos of the lasers setup in the studio on his blog.(Click his name above to go to it!)

So I am sure I will be posting more as I start to get all situated and start making more out of the new studio space.

As for now here are some photos of the laser as I investigated for any damage and I’m just too curious to not poke around to see how it works.

Booting the laser up and making sure it all turns on.

Where the laser is reflected down to the material.

A blurry photo of the inner electronics. It surprised me how simple this thing is. I might have to make my own. 😉

This is just after I cut the zip ties and removed a clamp on the x-axis rail.

The hole where the laser is reflected into.

The lens that focuses the laser down.

The whole thing set up, the blue tube on the back is the exhaust to pull out the smoke into that window in the back.

Here is a video of the laser doing a basic etching pass. I etched it one time before this pass. That is why there is a square already there.

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