Escher feel strange.

This was a project I worked on in which we were suppose to “copy cat” a particular artist. I chose to do some of M.C. Escher’s work who has always fascinated me. In particular with this project I worked on focusing on his perspective self portraits rather than looking as his tessellations which he is most famous for.

I recently purchased a book about escher and it has oodles of photos of his work some of which I have never seen before, two of which I used in this piece.

I took the color pallette from a watercolor painting I found of his and then the imaginary was taken from a print of his.

I started out with adding in my face to the original scanned image and then prepped some copper for etching. I used a technique in enamelling called champleve. Which is etching into copper/silver and then wet packing in enamel and firing it. This is one of the few enameling process I really enjoyed and this piece really proved to be a challenge with keeping the colors separated. After the enameling process was over I added a liver of sulfur finish to turn the remaining copper a deep black to make the color pop.

As for the setting I wanted to make something that did not distract from the main piece, but was still interesting in its own way. I used steel for the set and taught myself how to blacken steel for it so that I could continue the coloring palette.

The chain is meant to reflect the line quality in the main piece. I used varying gauges of copper to create ‘lines’ for the chain and also applied the liver of sulfur patina to give it the rich black color as well.

All in all this was a project that in the end I am super proud of.



Escher feel strange.

Escher feel strange.

Escher feel strange.

Escher feel strange.

Escher feel strange.

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