3D Printing and the discussion we should be having

There has been a lot of talk about 3D printing in the news lately and sadly it has not been about the good a printer can bring.

It has been used as another reason to start a gun control conversation.

Recently there has been a gun printed on a DIY home user printer. The news outlets are having a field day in creating a mass concern about this weapon but they fail to give any real information about it. For example, it is a really weak gun it fires about 20-something percent of a .22 caliber gun. Which is pretty weak if you don’t know.

This post isn’t about guns though…It is about what we should be talking about when we discuss 3D printers. We should talk about the bigger goals and possibilities these machines have and the impact they will have on our society.

I am a huge advocate for 3D printing and I think this is the next revolution. This technology is bringing manufacturing back in the hands of the consumer. These simple machines in the very near future will change your day to day life.

Right at this moment they are making a huge impact in peoples lives. One particular project is call the Robohand.

The Robohand is a movable prosthesis designed for people to give them the ability to grasp objects again at an astonishingly low cost. It was mostly printed on a 3D printer besides for some hardware and a wrist component.

This is what we should be talking about when we discuss 3D printing. Discuss the good that this will bring to people who need it. These machines could turn anyone into a designer who can help change the world.

Lets push the discussion in this direction and stop glorify people who are using it to create weapons. Let us glorify the people who are using this to create hope for people.

If you want to help out the Robohand project in someway they have a crowd funding going on right now to help raise some funds, there are only 15 days left.

Crowd funding Link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/robohand

Here is a video about how the Robohand came about:

2 thoughts on “3D Printing and the discussion we should be having

  1. I think the discussion you are saying we should be having is the most useful way to get 3D printing to work for us. Focus on the goals instead of stopping at each new challenge that’s inevitable to arise. 3D printing can also be used for good like medical innovation, productive reasons and 3D printed art.

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