Man from Earth

I am not sure why but when ever I model it seems creatures are what come from my mind into my material. It seems that clay responds in a way that metal cannot. It responds to every movement I make it can feel my frustrations or the delicate touch of a detail.

The inspiration is always different, some times from dreams sometimes from life. In this instance it came from life. He evolved from a sadness and a struggle that I was dealing with. In which I felt like no matter how hard I pulled out of it I seemed to be stuck and unable to moved. Tired, frustrated, and helpless…This is what came from it. In a way he is a part of me.




2 thoughts on “Man from Earth

  1. Wow man this is really conceptual. It’s an awesome way to interpret what you were going through and I feel like you can see the struggle hes going through in his face and almost a hollow feeling when I look into the eyes of this sculpture. Pardon my language but this is really fucking cool.

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