AL you need is Aluminum.

With this particular piece I wanted to create something that was wearable on the forearm. This was my first time casting with aluminum in a smaller scale and made some mistakes. One of the mistakes I made was not waiting for the aluminum to cool down before quenching the mold. This caused some of my spacers to become warped and the others had holes that look as if the metal was deteriorating.

What could I do but accept my fate and make it my own. I went through all of my castings and selected the best out of them. Taking the spacers and brining them to a high polish and adding stove polish makes the holes pop. Hiding the mistakes was not an option, drawing focus to the mistakes added a nice detail.

Although, the project didn’t turn out to be what I had visualized I made do with what I could. I learned from my mistakes and my future projects will grow from these mistakes. I personally do not see this as failure in my making but a progression in my skill set that can only get better with each of my failures.

The bangle is still something I am very proud of i consider it a great starting point for future projects. Photos of the bangle are below:

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Full resolution on my Flickr.

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